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Located between the famous Blyde River Canyon and the Kruger National Park(Orpen Gate),

our lodge offers the best situation in the region for tourists. Halfway from all the activites around,

experience the very best of South Africa and relax in our cosy rooms.

Family trip, business travel or solo adventure, we have a bed for every type of traveller

and our staff is at your service for informations, directions and prices about the different activites around



Mariepskop (or Marepe), is one of the highest peaks in the northern Drakensberg. It's an incredible mountain made of Proterozoic sedimentary rocks, surrounded by three of the most beautiful conservation areas of South Africa. It is named after, chief Maripe Mashile(also known as Mariep or Maripi), who used this mountain as a stronghold for his tribe during the Moholoholo war of 1864.

It is the highest point of the Blyde River Canyon, a must see in this wonderful region.

The Blyde River Canyon, Blyderivierspoort in Afrikaans (translated River Canyon of Hapiness) is located in the north part of the Drakensberg mountain chain and is 26 km long and 800m deep. It's one of the most important touristic site in the Mpumalanga right after the Kruger National Park as it's the bigger canyon in Africa and the third one in the whole world.

The name "Blyde River" was given in 1840 by the pioneers' women who were waiting for their husband, gone looking for a road to Lourenço-Marquès. As they weren't coming back, the women thought their men had died and named the river next to their camp "Treur River" (River of tears). They decided nevertheless to go look for survivors and found all of them lost near an other river that they named "Blyde River" (River of happiness).

The Kruger National Park

Named after Paul Kruger, president of the South African Republic from 1893 to 1900, it is one of the largest game reserve in Africa and the most famous. In 1898, Mr.Kruger proclaimed a "Goverment Wildlife Park" in order to control hunting and the diminishing number of animals. The Sabi Game Reserve (or Sable Game Reserve) wich would later be known as Kruger National Park was born.

It covers an aera of almost 20 000 square kilometers and extends 360 kilometers from North to South. Despite the facilities and the constantly growing number of visitors every year, the wildlife stays unspoiled and makes the Kruger Park the best place in the world for sightings of African wildlife in its own habitat. This is a unique place that offers a unique experience.

About the Mariepskop View Lodge

Since she took it over in 2014, Laetitia and her staff have been dedicated to making this place a green estate, respectul of South Africa's wildlife and nature. While working to improve the lodge, they are also promoting the surrounding populations' culture and helping the different tribes exist and rise up. Despite using less water than than most estates, they managed to make it a wonderful garden standing out from the dry surrounding nature and thus attracting many antilopes and birds. The place is ideal to relax while enjoying different kinds of animal sightings.